Fatal Traps For Helicopter Pilots

Westpac helicopter crashFatal Traps For Helicopter Pilots is the ultimate book on helicopter safety. The book is essential to any library covering rotary wing aviation.

It is fully indexed and has 395 pages, 70 case studies, over 80 photographs and 120 diagrams.

Someone once said that, “Experience is something that you get right after you just needed it.” Learn from the experience of others; this book gives very practical lessons.

The theory and advice contained in Fatal Traps is vital. This is underlined by the tragic examples given in Case Studies from all over the world.

The experience level of many of the victims shows that this is not just a book for student pilots; if you are an Instructor, a Commercial, Military, Private, Student or Modelling Pilot, Aircraft Engineer, Aviation Academic, an Accident Investigator or an Aviation Enthusiast, you will get true value from this book.

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