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Managing Weapons And Resources Well Is Key To Success In Pixel Gun 3D Game


I found that the Pixel Gun 3D game is all about killing, killing and more killing. I also has to survive from the enemy attacks which I found very easy once I knew about the controls and got accustomed to it. As I proceeded with the game I found that the game has some very interesting and gripping features in it including the graphics, animation, sound effects along with the different types of weapons and their capability. I could choose the weapons that I needed with my available resourceswhich helped in my proceeding with the game. All the way through I found that a proper and strategic planning is necessary to complete the game and win.

As the game of Pixel Gun 3D is all about killings, it is imperative that it will require a lot of different types of weapons. And as weapons are not cheap to obtain, I knew that my resources will play a major role in buying the weapons I needed. I found that there is a wide variety of different weapons which are available for purchase with the exchange of resources which comes in the form of gems and coins. While some weapons are available for coins, some other is only available in exchange of gems. I also learnt that I needed to maintain a considerable amount of resources at my disposal at all times.


There are a lot of ways within the game of Pixel gun game which provided me with adequate resources, including gems and coins. All these games are easy to play and generated quite a hefty amount of resources every time I won them. Games that are in the Campaign stage are a good source for currencies and I also could earn a lot of resource when I rocket jumped from one corner of a mar to other to camp and kill. Apart from the games whenever I wanted to have some more currency in my stock I took an easy way out. I used pixel gun cheats to generate my required number of coins and gems.

As is the case with the resources which I had to use wisely and sparingly, similar is the case with weapons as well. All the weapons are not of the same capacity and lethality and I had to use it judgmentally to bring out the maximum damage and killings with less effort. During the start I found that I was given some free weapons having different purpose, specification and lethality. At the start of the pixel Gun 3D game I found weapons like simple shot gun, pixel gun and a combat knife.

I had to use and choose different weapons at different place. I had to consider the amount of damage that I wanted to create, the range of the weapons, the distance of the enemy and many other factors to have the desired result. Like the pixel gun is more effective than a shot gun as it is more accurate and takes lesser time to reload. It is also good for mobility and speed attack.With a little bit of skill in using it I could cause around three times more damage by it than other weapons.